A Little Bit About Blepharoplasty

When the topic of plastic surgery comes to mind, few find eyelid surgery coming to the front of their mind. A blepharoplasty is a cosmetic and sometimes medically-necessary procedure. It is one which entails the removal or restructuring of eyelid tissue from the area surrounding the eye. The procedure may involve removing excess skin or simply tightening up drooping skin in patients whose eyelids have become heavier and more affected by gravity as they age.

Aging takes a toll on the muscles around your eyes and at the same time that fatigue causes little areas of fat to accumulate in the areas above and below the eyes. Intense focusing on screens at all times or on the road at all times for those such as truck drivers or taxi drivers– all of that can be a threat to the health of the eye muscle, not to mention the cosmetic appearance of the same.

The effects of skin sagging around your eyes, such as on eyelids, cheeks and in the eyebrow area, include not only the appearance of old age but also an effect of a drastically reduced peripheral vision – your “sideways view”. Getting a blepharopastic procedure done on your eyes is a great way to increase peripheral vision and to bring years of youth back to your face later in life.

The tools to get jobs done easier weren’t there years ago like they are today, nor were the supplements, creams and medicines to preserve skin elasticity in the face. It is understandable, often desirable and sometimes doctor-recommended to get certain procedures done around the eye. If you’re a bit timid under the knife and aren’t a big fan of hotels, fret not, as a blepharoplasty is almost always done as an outpatient procedure.

Certain tell-tale symptoms will be strong evidence that a blepharoplasty might be right for you. One of those is if your drooping eyes make it difficult for you to open them completely or if you feel like your field of vision is compromised by nearby skin that hadn’t always been a hindrance to you. If your lower eyelids droop drastically or you experience bags under your eyes at all, you too might be a candidate for this type of procedure. Many patients also opt to receive this procedure in combination with others such as face-lifts or skin resurfacing.

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