What Is A Rhytidectomy?

No matter what your age is currently, no one wants to get older. For some people, the appearance of wrinkles and smile lines can be a blow to their confidence. A Rhytidectomy — more commonly known as a facelift — could be the answer. Aesthetic surgery has come a long way since its discovery in the 1900s. The first rhytidectomy was performed in Berlin in 1901 when a female, Polish aristocrat asked a surgeon to “lift up” her cheeks and the corners of her mouth. Thus, the facelift was born! Today it’s a much more of a precise art-form.

When getting a facelift, you are either put under general anesthesia or given a strong sedative through an IV. The surgeon will then make an incision that starts at the temple and circles around to the front of the ear. Next, the skin is actually lifted and the muscles and tissue underneath are tightened. At this point the surgeon can remove excess skin or fat. Lastly, the skin is draped once again over the face and the small incisions are sutured up.

A facelift is generally performed to achieve a younger looking face on an older person. It can make you look years younger, however it does not prevent or stop the aging process. It can increase your self-confidence and help you ease yourself into the idea of getting older. For some people it can help them manage the stress and anxiety of growing old. It’s a good idea to do research and find a skilled surgeon to perform your rhytidectomy. Not all surgeons are the same, even if they went to the same schools. The effectiveness and safety of your surgery can depend on the selection you make.

There is no wonder why the facelift is the 6th most popular aesthetic surgery in America. Having a rhytidectomy performed will reduce tell-tale signs of aging in the face and neck. If you discover deep creases below your eyes, loose skin, excess fat under your chin or loss of the youthful contours in your face, you may want to consider having a facelift. Always keep in mind that there are risks to any surgery. You should always consult your doctor first before going through with any surgical procedure.

Life can be tricky and speed right by you. One day you may wake up and find that years have gone by and the evidence is all on your face. If you want to look as young as you feel, consider getting a facelift and start looking like your “young” self again.

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