What Is Phalloplasty And Who Needs It?

If you’re not a physiologist or a plastic surgeon, you might not even know the word “Phalloplasty” let alone being able to understand what it means. Just like many other longer vocabulary words, it means something simple. A phalloplasty is the procedure that some men might choose to have to change the shape of their penis.

The notion is usually that the penis is too small and the man would like it to be larger for various reasons. Usually, the purpose of a phalloplasty is to help the man achieve a larger and more sexually-gratifying erection for his partner. Other times the purpose of the procedure for a man is to simply feel better about himself. In not all cases the procedure is done to enlarge the man’s genitalia. In other cases, it can be done as a reconstructive procedure. Sometimes men experience tragic damage to their reproductive organs and have to do some sort of phalloplastic procedure to regain even normal appearance or normal use of the injured organ.

Another increasingly common application of the phalloplasty is in cases of female-to-male gender reassignment surgeries. In these patient cases, the objective of the surgeon is to construct the male genitalia completely where it did not once exist. Regardless of how the surgery is done, any specific technique will include taking a graft of tissue from another part of the patient’s body, knows as a donor site. That graft is then molded with the extended urethra of the patient to mold the shape of a penis. This process of lengthening the urethra is where complications can occur and where the most medical risk lies.

If you are a woman or a man who is considering a phalloplastic surgery procedure, be sure that you’ve decided to undergo the therapy after seeking sage guidance and counsel from an accredited and licensed plastic surgeon professional. Whether the procedure is completely cosmetic or there is a specific medical need for it to be done, taking it seriously and being as prepared as possible will help patients receive only the best outcomes.

Similar to a phalloplasty, a scrotoplasty involves the procedure that would help modify a female genitalia’s labia majora into a form where they can take on the visual appearance similar to a scrotum. This is a related procedure in transgender males that require these procedures in order to have the sexual organs that they feel comfortable having. When a scrotoplasty is performed, a pair of prosthetic testicles usually are placed into the newly-formed scrotum to mimic the size, shape and feel of real and natural testicles. Before concluding that a phalloplasty is right for you, be mindful that it will require an erectile prosthesis to be implanted during sex in order to be able to maintain an erection. Check with a professional surgical doctor to explore the options that are best for your situation.

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